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General Terms & Conditions
Upon registration, you have agreed to:
 Registration & Payment
Submit the Registration Form and make full payment upon receiving your invoice, in which the detailed fees charged by Chinesegaga are listed.
Passport & Visa
You are responsible for a valid passport, visa, medical and travel insurance to cover your stay period.
Course Terms & Conditions
Accommodation Terms & Conditions
Unusual Circumstance
Your program may be disrupted by an unusual event or circumstance that Chinesegaga could not reasonably have foreseen. If the unusual event is serious enough to significantly affect your program, we will try to arrange a suitable alternative if possible. We do not make any refunds in these situations and you will be responsible for any travel costs involved. We cannot accept liability for the effect of any unusual event or for any loss, damage, expense or claim of any disruption you suffer as a result.
Use of Photos and Comments
By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree that we may use any photo(s)/image(s) we or someone on our behalf take of you or any comments (written or verbal) you make during or in connection with your stay for our promotional/marketing purposes (such as including them in our brochure/website) without obtaining your further specific permission or making any payment to you. Such use may include mentioning your name, nationality, etc.
Code of Conduct
All participants of Chinesegaga programs are expected to adhere to proper conduct and obey the instructions of Chinesegaga. This covers, but is not limited to, respecting others' cultures and beliefs, respecting the accommodation and avoiding drugs and illegal activities. Participants will be removed from the program without a refund if they engage in illegal, violent or improper behavior. Participants are responsible for any and all damages they cause and must directly compensate the owner of the property involved.
All the rights and obligations are stated expressly above. Any verbal communications and promises by the staff are invalid and unenforceable. Chinesegaga reserves the right to explain the aforementioned terms and conditions.
General Terms & Condtions
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