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As the Chinese proverb says "Reading thousands of books cannot be compared to travelling for thousands miles of journey", so gear up, join us and embark with Chinesegaga! Get under the skin of the world’s oldest and continuous civilization!

The demand for cultural exploration and touring in China has been overwhelming in recent years. Chinesegaga combine these two aspects to provide China Cultural Tours for our participants to unravel the hidden treasures and mysterious locations to all regions of China.
From the least explored Northern region to the multi ethnic Southern territories; From the modernised East Coast area to the mystic Western boundaries, you can embark with Chinesegaga to a cultural expedition, treasures hunting and understand the modern transformation of China into the economic powerhouse.

Every footstep with Chinesegaga is a spontaneous learning journey to rediscover the real China and immersing yourself in the deep culture of this oldest, 5000 year old civilisation.

Chinesegaga will bring you the real China! Definitely not the China from the perspective of a "tourist" or "foreigner". With the largest consumer market of 1.3 billion people and a fast growing economy, millions of foreigners have already arrived in China for studying, working and venturing for business opportunities. Maybe one day, you too will ride this wave of opportunities in China.
Following the best routes with Chinesegaga's China Cultural Tours to discover regional culture all in once, is a great chance for you to discover the rich cultural heritages of a wonderful country.
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