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Customised Chinese Culture and Language Workshops in Singapore
Customised Chinese Cultural Immersion and Language Programs in Qingdao, China
Chinesegaga provides general and customised Chinese culture and language workshops for corporations and organisations which are thinking or already venturing to China.

Chinesegaga specialized in corporate training courses or workshops, our professional trainer will conduct these in-house programs at your company for giving you and your colleagues Chinese instruction in individual or in group seminars.

For corporations and organisations that want their managers or employees to immerse and have a first hand experience in China, Chinesegaga can customise a specialised cultural and language program.
This will enable managers and employees to witness, experience and understand the language and cultural of the local Chinese. Our programmes also cover contents like Chinese business culture and customs like guest reception, business meeting, meal etiquette etc.

In addition, the itinerary can also include an excursion to the Qingdao's famous and largest companies i.e.

This excursion will allow participants to have an insight look at how successful Chinese multinational corporations operates and their critical success factors.

These will definitely give companies a holistic learning experience in venturing to China.
General Terms & Condtions
The partial list of corporate training courses workshops are as follows:
We will also customised programs at your request pertaining to any courses or workshops based on your individual needs and requirements.Feel free to contact us at for more details or information.
Tsingtao Brewery
Haier Headquarters
"In today's world, to be an educated person, without a doubt, you have to know and understand China. Not only the Chinese but also their presence in Asia."
Quotes by Valerie Hansen - Professor of History,
Yale University 07 April 2012
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