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** Prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars and does not include other accomodation types, Chinesegaga has the rights to change or revise the prices or content of the programme at any time
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Cultural Immersion Programs in China provide an insightful and direct opportunity for adults to learn Chinese and gain a foothold in exploring China. Students can live and interact with the local people with a feel of discovering traditions of China while witnessing the modernisation of its city. This program will cover 5 hours of intensive Chinese lesson with Business Chinese and Etiquette per day.

The distinct feature of our program is the 'Home Stay' where students will get to stay in a Chinese family to fully immerse into the Chinese culture They will also get the opportunity to interact with the Chinese family to practise their Chinese. The homes will be within 30 minutes to our school by public transportation.

With such, students will make this experience as an advantage to work and venturing into China. This will be a lifetime window of opportunity to stay and learn in the highly acclaimed city of Qingdao.
Besides these, the program will also cover extensive and insights of the Chinese language, culture and business practices through activities and excursions i.e. visit to visit temples, museums and established local companies -
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Price includes:- Homestay
                        Breakfast and dinner
                        25 hours of language lessons per week
                        2 cultural activities and 2 field trips per week
                        Airport pickup and send-off (Qingdao Airport)
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