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Chinese Immersion Programs in China (Qingdao)
Chinese immersion Programs in China (Qingdao), allow foreigners to study Chinese and explore the Chinese culture in a more extensive and in-depth by our various activities, excursions and our unique 'Homestay' features. Students get to stay in one of the most beautiful and best cities of China. They will get to feel the modernisation as well as the traditional Chinese customs. Students will be able to communicate with the locals intensively with their Chinese friends during their stay.
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Unique Features of our Chinese Immersion Programs in China (Qingdao)
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"We really enjoy the lessons. Yanni is very nice and patient."
Juliette & Melissa Byrne
"Enthusiastic teacher and understanding students. Great curriculum and the results are excellent.".
-- Veronique Byrne
Students can choose to make the stay from a week to an unlimited of weeks in Qingdao according to the their needs.
We would encourage students to opt for the homestay option which will allow them to stay and interact with the Chinese families. They will get a first hand experience with the Chinese friends as well as tasting the home-cooked food. However, students can also choose to arrange for their own accommodations. Chinesegaga can also help students to make bookings for these accommodations.
Chinesegaga will arrange for a proficiency test for students so that they can be placed into the classes for their appropriate levels to maximise their learnings.
Our immersion programs are available all year round except for public holidays in China. The program will commence every Monday. For groups of more than 4, you can choose to begin the time according to your schedule.
Foundation Level
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Intermediate Level
Advanced Level
Preparation for HSK
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Chinese Immersion Programs in China
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