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Andrea Carl, Germany, Director with Clariden Leu (Swiss Private Bank)
As a foreigner it is always beneficial to show my friends, customers and colleagues the respect by understanding the Chinese language and culture. Yanni has taught and guided me very well and I really enjoy her lessons vert much. These help me more to indulge more into the Chinese language and culture.
Jakob Juul Bergendorff, Denmark, Head of Business Development, Svitzer Asia with his wife Sofia Arhall , Sweden
A great teacher who effectively paces the content and make each lessons interesting. I was even constructed with a Chinese name to make it easier to do business in China. The more lessons we take the more interest in learning Mandarin and the Chinese culture. Learning Mandarin and culture helps building relationships and trust.
Stephen Miles, UK, Managing Director, Tradition Singapore Pte Ltd
I run a business in Singapore that employs diverse nationality and the programme helps me to relate to them as well as my customers.
I enjoyed having the classes with Yanni as she explained to me alot of things on Chinese culture and traditions and creates a good contact with the student,
Sophie Martin, France, Internal Audit Manager Asia, Louis Dreyfus Commodities
I started learning Chinese from scratch and now I can converse with my Chinese colleagues. Additional information which Yanni share with us about Chinese culture is very good for us to understand China better.
Mitsuhiro Omura, Japan, General Manager, ToA Electronics
The lessons are both exciting and challenging and this makes learning the Chinese language more captivating.
Chloe Downs, UK, Student age 15, German European School
I love all my Chinese lessons. I find them very interesting and they help me alot in my school studies.
Nina Moutonnet, France, Student age 12, French School - Now she is in the Advanced level for Chinese in her school
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It's a great workshop. I should have attended it earlier. The trainer, Paul, provided practical and useful tips for entrepreneur like me doing business in China.
David O' Neil, UK, Entrepreneur
I do believe that Yanni can help foreigners to achieve business success in China as she knows the Chinese culture and have a great understanding of Westerners' culture and their specific approach to Chinese culture. She will be able to fine-tune behaviours to maximize positive interactions to create business opportunities.
Joce Herry, France, Purchasing and Procurement Director, Gemalto
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