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Chinesegaga is the most comprehensive site for those who want to study Chinese Language and experience a Chinese Cultural immersion program in China. We have our own group of professional and experienced teacher to teach and expose our students of various ages for a whole new China experience. In March 2010, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China reported that there were around 250000 foreign students studying Chinese language in China. The reason is pretty simple, foreigners are eager to learn more about China and the beautiful culture and language.

Chinesegaga welcome individuals and corporations from Europe, Americas and all over the world to fulfil their China learning adventures.

Studying in China for a few weeks is the experience which gives students more than just a language course. It gives them an opportunity to explore an ancient country,its people and its culture. Students can learn Mandarin and Chinese culture with students from all over the world.

For businesses and corporations, they can find the best tailor-made corporate training courses & workshops and cultural immersion programs in China.
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Words from the Founder, Yanni Han
Ni hao! Welcome to Chinesegaga!

I am a Chinese native who has been living in Singapore for more than 10 years. I have been conducting corporate trainings and teaching to expatriates, international students and businessmen from companies such as Rio Tinto, DHL, UBS, Pepsico, Clariden Leu, Diageo in Singapore. From these experience, I realised that there is a need for the students to have an in-depth understand of the Chinese language and culture. Hence, the idea of Chinesegaga was born, in which the concept of helping those who want to experience and embrace the learning through corporate training, cultural tours and immersion programs.

I have also conducted programs for students from international schools such as the Lycee Francais, Tanglin Trust School, Australian International School. Therefore, I am familiar with their schools' Chinese curriculum and syllabus that allow me to plan and design programmes suitable for the international students' needs. Moreover, I have conducted preparation programmes for the IGCSE and HSK exam for these young learners.
Once again, I would warmly welcome you to China and embark on the journey of enjoyful learning, embracing and experiencing.
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